God’s Design for Gender

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Discussion Questions:

God’s Design for Gender
Genesis 1:27

  1. Will we be honest about the way sin contaminates God’s good gifts?
    • Read and discuss James 1:16-17
    • In what ways does sin pervert my view of masculinity or femininity?
  1. Are we willing to give thanks to God for differences?
    • What differences are you thankful for? Can you honestly pray, “Thank you God for making me a man? A woman?”
  1. Will we make the best use of our unity and diversity in Jesus?
    • What direction does my masculinity or femininity face?
      • Internal: turned in on itself, “you need to serve me”, “you exist to take care of me”
      • External: focused on career, projects, distracted by hobbies, disconnected and uninvolved
      • Missional: Do you pursue an overarching purpose? God designed men and women for a mission much bigger than themselves.
    • How do you use your God-given gift of masculinity or femininity? Within God’s gift of marriage? Within God’s gift of singleness?
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