We believe cheerful giving is an act of worship, faith, and obedience.

Why we give

Giving sacrificially of our finances is an act of worship and reflects a grateful heart that wants to give back to God a portion of what He has given us.

God provides for ministry at North Hills, in our community, and around the world through the tithes and offerings of cheerful givers.

(2 Corinthians 8:1-7, Philippians 4:14-19)

How to Give

Place your gifts in an offering plate during any worship service or in the offering boxes in our main lobbies.

Give a one-time gift or set up recurring giving using your checking account, savings account, or a debit or credit card.

(Check out this short video if you need help giving online. Contact Becca Crocker if you need further  assistance or have any questions.)


Church Center automatically creates a donor profile for you after you donate to your church the first time.

You can log in to your donor profile to edit recurring payments, view your donation history and tax statements, set communication preferences, and update payment methods.

Access My Giving

My Giving is located in your Church Center profile. You’ll need to be logged in to access it.

  • To log in to your profile from the web or app, you don’t need a password. You’ll enter your email address/phone number and a verification code will be sent to you.
  • To log in on Church Center web, click Log in from the top right corner.
  • After you’re logged in to the web or app, select your picture in the top right corner to access your profile.

From your profile, tap My Giving.

From My Giving, choose the section that corresponds with the information you want to access.

Click here to watch a short video detailing how you can give online. 

On the mobile app, you can select a recurring donation to edit or delete it.

  • Click your photo
  • Choose my giving
  • Click recurring donations
  • Click the donation you would like to edit, enter new information and click update.
  • You can also choose to pause or delete the donation
 The amount and fund for the recurring donation can be updated from the app, but not from the web. To edit the amount and fund from the web, you’ll need to delete the recurring donation and initiate a new donation with the updated information.

Editing Your Payment Method


From the Payment Methods section, select a payment method to edit it.

If you remove a payment method that was used for a recurring donation, the next recurring donation will fail unless you update your recurring donation with a new payment method.


Adding a Bank Account


US donors can verify and save their bank account to use when donating.

When giving with a bank account for the first time:

You will have to verify that you own the bank account.

Your account is saved to your donor profile so that you won’t have to verify account ownership every time you give.

Select Continue (app) or Verify your account (web), and search for your bank:

  • If your bank appears in the search results, and click on the bank name and log in with your bank credentials to instantly verify your bank.
  • If your bank doesn’t come up in the search, follow the instructions to verify your account using micro-deposits.

With micro-deposit verification, the bank deposits a couple of small amounts into your account. Depending on the type of micro-deposit verification, you might need to manually verify your account on the same day you initiate the verification. You will need to log in to verify each of the amounts deposited to your bank to complete the verification.

Once your bank account is verified, you can donate using that payment method.

Instant verification will allow you to donate that same day. However, micro-deposit verification might take a few days to complete, so you will need to complete your donation after you’ve finished that verification process.

Donation Receipts and Statements

From the Donation History section, you can access your donor history at any time.

From the Statements section, you can access your statements.

Tax statements will only be available if they’ve been generated by your church’s administrator.


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