The Staff

The staff at North Hills works diligently and intentionally to support the beliefs and values we have set for our church.

Together we serve to equip the church in how to better Believe God’s Word, Connect with God’s Family, and Share God’s Story.

Children’s Ministry

Ruthie Smith

Director of Children’s Ministry

Susan Gilbert

Administrative Assistant & Cafe Coordinator

Marielle Huber

Nursery Coordinator

Stephanie Babetz

Assistant Nursery Coordinator

Jenny Percic

Children’s Ministry Program Assistant

Counseling Ministry

Matt Nestberg

Pastor of Counseling Ministries

Jim Phillips

Pastor of Marriage Ministries

Lynn Adams

Director of Crisis Counseling

Kim Tuttle

Intake & Advancement Counselor

Jennie Cirillo

Counseling Groups Assistant

Laura Fortney

Counseling Administrative Assistant

Andy Henderson

Re:generation Coordinator

Finance & Operations

Becca Crocker

Executive Director of Finance & Operations

Jeannie Roberts

Financial Manager

Vicky Pischera-Green

Front Office Coordinator

Daren Rickard

Facilities Manager

Heather Mikhail

Executive Assistant of Operations and Staff Leadership

Kirsten Brown

Director of Hospitality


Lensi Cruice

Communications Coordinator

Connections & Community Life

Gregg Babetz

Executive Pastor Of Leadership

Pauline Sternick

Director of Women’s Ministries

John Cruice

Pastor of Life Group Ministries


Administrative Assistant

Connor Hubbard

Director of College Ministries

Missions & Outreach

Nathan Arms

Pastor of Missions and Outreach

Allan Sherer

Pastor of Global Connections

Becky Highsmith

Administrative Assistant to Outreach and Missions

Student Ministry

Tim Wadsworth

Director of Student Ministries

Corinne Dyer

Student Leadership Coordinator

Gabrielle Couchey

Administrative Assistant

Josh McCarnan

Middle School Coordinator

Teaching & Preaching

Peter Hubbard

Pastor of Preaching And Teaching

Alan Bunn

Pastor of Adult Ministries

Susan Toy

Administrative Assistant

Worship Arts

Ryan Ferguson

Pastor of Worship Arts and Communication

Tyler Ballentine

Technical Director

Nicole George

Administrative Assistant

Jenny Dunster

Worship Leader