Click for Reformation History Week 5

Discussion Questions:

God’s Glory Alone
Romans 1:19-23

  1. How does delighting in God’s glory connect with our joy?
    • Read and discuss Romans 5:1-5
  2. God’s gifts shape the way we view ourselves and serve others for His glory.
    • Read Romans 12:1-6
      • What gifts have you been given? What are you good at? If unsure, ask for input from members in your Life Group.
      • You have valuable gifts that your neighbor needs– How are you using your gifts to serve others.
    • Read Romans 15:5-7: As I have been invited to experience God’s love and grace, I get the opportunity to distribute to others this love and grace that God has poured out on me.
      • Who has God put in your life or on your path that you can distribute God’s love and grace?
      • What practical ways can you pour out God’s love and grace on that person?
  3. Johann Sebastian Bach would mark every piece of music he composed with “SDG”—Soli Deo Gloria—meaning to the Glory of God Alone.
    • What is God calling you to sign “SDG”?
    • How does living for the glory of God alone shape what you do every day? How does pursuing God’s glory affect your vocation? Your parenting? Your marriage? Your singleness? Your relationships within your Life Group?
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