Free One Slave

Over 18 million people live in modern day slavery in India – Many are children. You can be an agent of freedom.

Here's why:

Fact: 18.3 million people live in modern day slavery in India. That’s twice the population of New York City.

Here’s another fact: millions of these slaves are children. They are forced, sold, or tricked out of their homes and into factories, brothels and quarries.

You have the freedom to ignore these facts and these children and move on with your life. Or you can choose to be an agent of freedom and learn, pray, or give through Set Free Alliance.

Set Free Alliance is based in Greenville, SC, but partners with local pastors, who has a mission to reach the untouchables of India.

Since 2012, through supporters of Set Free Alliance and a local pastor’s ministry, thousands of children have been rescued from slavery, and either reunited with their parents or raised and educated on a safe campus.

What’s best, all have heard of Jesus, the true freedom-giver. Will you join Jesus today to bring freedom to those who haven’t tasted yet?

What can I do?


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