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Partner Resource

Partner Resources: At North Hills Church we want to be a light in our community.

We do not want to reinvent the wheel, so we partner with organizations who are like-minded and making a real impact in our community. These partners are incredible resources for people in our community and our church.

Local Resources That We Partner With

Miracle Hill Fostering

Interested in foster care? Miracle Hill offers resources to get you started.

Miracle Hill is a private foster care provider that helps recruit foster families and provides them with support throughout the licensing process, placements, and beyond.

Click below if you are interested in fostering with Miracle Hill.

Miracle Hill Renewal

Addiction Recovery

Renewal is one of the most effective Christ centered recovery centers in the upstate.

Ladies are not just given surface level work to become free from addiction but instead work hard to discover what is driving that addiction. They are introduced to Jesus and how life following Him will be transformational.

Instruments of Praise Arts Ministries

Instruments of Praise is a highly effective discipleship ministry especially for minority people. We love partnering with them because they model the diversity of the church and help strengthen our understanding of discipleship for young people.

Affordable Housing Project

Homes of Hope rebuilds communities and individual lives through affordable housing, economic, and workforce development.

Whole Fitness

Whole Fitness is committed to building a healthy and whole community: mind, body, and soul.

Whole Fit exists to help others find identity and value in Christ alone, to promote health, nutrition and fitness in a way that honors God, and to build a community of believers to support and encourage one another in the pursuit of health goals and God’s plans for their lives.


Prasso is a 12-week discipleship program that includes a teaching element, as well as, homework lessons that provide biblical tools for the student to carry throughout each day and throughout their lifetime.

Prasso is for anyone looking for a place to start for a new beginning.