Plant One Church

Bring the gospel to the streets of Colombia, South America and help local Believers establish churches.

Here's why:

Jesus is building His kingdom across the world, and it’s so wonderful he wants everyone to experience it! As His believers and heirs, He’s challenged us to tell everyone about His love and invite them in.  

This sharing of Jesus’ love and invitation to the Kingdom is exactly what North Hills does every summer in Cali, Colombia. Through the organization E3 partners, our summer mission team spends a week in Cali evangelizing in teams that include a translator and local church member. After we leave, the local churches we partner with disciple new believers and reproduce themselves into more churches across the city.

 Each year we go to Colombia, we meet people who are hungry to hear about a God who loves them and wants them in His kingdom, and after we leave, we’re humbled to hear of the many churches being planted because our week of evangelism and partnership.

The Holy Spirit is moving across Colombia! Will you join Him? Regardless of your fears, or limitations, you have a part to play, and we guarantee you will experience the highest joy doing it!

If you’re interested in learning more about going to Colombia, our next informational meeting will at the beginning of January.


Bring the gospel to Colombia
on a short-term trip.

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