The NHC podcast takes a deeper dive into unique content created just for you.

As of 2021, Apple podcasts contained over 500,000 podcasts.

Why add another into the proverbial pool of podcasts?

Our podcast takes a deeper dive into unique content, created just for you. The podcast is a support tool for sermon series, large scale initiatives, and church-wide communication.

Think additional sermon content, topical discussions, staff and elder interviews, and so much more.

Our Podcasts

The NHC Podcast

The NHC Podcast is where we take a deeper dive into unique content, created just for you. Listen in on missions and ministry updates, topical discussions, and more!


Timeout is a personal interview podcast with the staff and leaders of North Hills Church. Each episode, we’ll sit down with one of our staff or leaders to really get to know them, hear their stories, and learn what makes them tick. From work, to personality, to free time, let’s take a Timeout and explore the “who” behind North Hills Church.


Alive’s Carpool Conversations is a podcast series where we discuss culturally relevant topics, specifically designed for our teens and their parents.


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