Wisdomfest 2011: Homosexuality Into the Light
Sundays, June 26-July 24, 2011

Why would we as a church spend five weeks talking about homosexuality?

The answer to that question could be summarized with one word – confusion.

Our society is really confused about the subject of homosexuality.  This, along with marriage, is the #1 social/moral issue in our country.  We live in the land of freedom, yet churches are going to lose their tax exempt status over this subject.  Pastors will go to jail.  People regularly attack the church for their stand on homosexuality and equate it with racism or slavery.  Anti-homophobia is, as one gay atheist said, “the new tyranny” or “the secular theocracy”. The medical community is contributing to the confusion. One study claims to find a “gay gene” only later to admit that no such genetic evidence exists.

Christians are in general really confused about this.  There are the placard-wearing, “God hates fags” or “Homosexuals are going to hell” people.  On the other hand, there are Christians who simply respond, “God is love,” as if Jesus is pro-gay. Part of communicating truth is not emphasizing one truth at the expense of another.

Our prayer is that we as a church would think clearly, biblically, uncompromisingly, yet compassionately about this subject of homosexuality.  God’s Word penetrates into our confusion and calls us from the shadows of personal, social, and ecclesiastical chaos. This just might be the most important series our church does on a social or moral issue.  If the gospel is true, it has something to say…something to say in the light!

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