2018 Short-Term Missions

Cali, Colombia

June 16 – 23, 2018

ABOUT: In Cali, you’ll work alongside local churches, doing evangelism using your personal testimony and other tools such as the Evangecube.

BEST FOR: Anyone interested in missions, interested in growing in their understanding of overseas missions and church planting, wanting to learn how to do basic evangelism, or wanting to practice sharing their personal testimony.

EST. PRICE: $2,900

QUESTIONS? Contact Nathan Arms


June 25-30 or July 2-7, 2018

ABOUT: Missionaries to Slovenia will have the opportunity to teach English alongside local believers at a Christian camp.

BEST FOR: Men or women who are skilled in ESL
(4-6 spots available)

EST. PRICE: $2,100

CONTACT: Nathan Arms


Fall 2018

ABOUT: Short-term missionaries will teach the women in Jordan basic fitness through Whole Fitness. This will also be a tool that the missionary ladies can learn and begin to teach to the Islamic women.

BEST FOR: Ladies familiar with Whole Fitness and who have a desire to share the love of Christ with other women.
(5-7 spots available)

EST. PRICE: $2,100

CONTACT: Nathan Arms


July 16-25

ABOUT: Short-term missionaries will have the opportunity to teach English, engage with the lost through conversational English, and help build the local church of Belarus.

BEST FOR: Skilled ESL teachers, able to articulate the Gospel clearly
(5-7 spots available)

EST. PRICE: $2,500

CONTACT: Nathan Arms

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