My Now and Forever LORD (GOD)

Based on Psalm 73

I’ve always known that God is good
To those whose hearts are pure. (v.1)
But then envy, rage, and bitterness
Had me pull away from You. (v.2)
This helplessness and hopeless state
Bound my heart and made me doubt
Your wondrous love for me.
…I almost slipped…

But then I came into your sanctuary, LORD (v.17)
Where Your wisdom is displayed.
You know the actions and the end of man
You guide our feet of clay.
I still belong to you, O God,
You are holding my right hand. (v.23)
How good it is to draw near to God. (v.26)
To put my trust in You,
You are
my now and forever, LORD. (v.26)

The proud prosper living wicked lives
untroubled with our fears. (v. 3, 4, 16)
Their pride and cruelty make us question,
do You even know or care? (v.11)
Their life of ease makes us doubt
Our commitment to you LORD, (v.13)
For trouble plagues us all day long
And morning brings more pain. (v.14)

But when we come into Your sanctuary, LORD…
(all pronouns changed to plural)

You will guide me with your counsel, LORD,
To a glorious destiny. (v.24)
My heart may fail, my spirit grow weak
But You will remain the strength of my heart. (v.26)
You will be my strength and portion (v.26)
For You are my refuge,
Yes, You are my refuge (v.28)

And I will come into Your sanctuary, LORD…..


By: Pam Albert