The “My North Hills” app

The North Hills app gives you access to the weekly NeedtoKnow, sermon notes and audio, and more. Stay connected and well-informed with the My North Hills app.

Where are all the other sermons?

The app only keeps the most recent 10 sermons. Additionally, we currently only offer audio. If you’d like to watch, listen to, or see notes for an archived message, simply visit the “Sermons” section on our website.

Why do you ask for so many permissions?

Don’t worry. We’re not reading your text messages or spying through your camera. The app allows you to share content, so it may require access to your text messages and/or contacts Because it allows you to call the church, it may require access to your phone or say that charges may occur. If you have any questions about privacy and permissions, feel free to email

I don’t have the Notes for this week!

Notes will be updated between Thursday and Saturday of each week. If you still haven’t received this by Saturday night, try opening the section in question and pulling down. This reloads the section and may pull in new content that hasn’t synced yet.

How often will I get push notifications?

Push notifications are an incredibly helpful tool, but they can also be very annoying. We will typically send only one a week to let you know that you’ve received a regular communication. Additionally, you may receive one in rare circumstances such as during extreme inclement weather that changes service schedules. If you do not wish to receive any notifications, you can turn them off in the settings panel.

Are these all the events?

The Events calendar is intended to be a helpful tool, but is not comprehensive. Different ministries and groups may have events that are not listed. Additionally, the Events descriptions will not always contain the most detailed information. This tool is best when viewed as a way to remember the times and locations of church-wide events.

I can’t open the Notes on my device.

Notes are available in both PDF and DOC formats. The Microsoft Word app is best for opening the DOC format. If you have a specific question regarding notes, email

I have a problem that hasn’t been answered.

Sorry about that! Send your questions to and we’ll do our best to help!

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