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Our Mission

The counseling ministry at North Hills exists to help hurting people through the loving and patient process of restorative discipleship.

Services Offered

NOTE: All services are offered for those who are members or regular attenders of North Hills.

Individual Counseling

Compassionate counseling is offered for most spiritual, emotional and relational struggles. This counseling emphasizes the provision of grace through the gospel of Jesus Christ in the midst of sin and suffering.

Premarital Counseling

Classes are offered twice annually that cover a wide array of topics targeted for those who are soon-to-be married. Private premarital counseling with a pastor, elder or trained lay couple is also offered. Click here to apply for Premarital Counseling.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage mentoring pairs an experienced couple with a younger couple for year-long discipleship and mentoring. Couples are encouraged to meet regularly for a meal in a casual setting to provide opportunity for encouragement and informal discussion about topics related to Christian marriage. This is not intended as a substitute for formal marriage counseling.

Counseling Groups

These groups are gender-specific, short-term, Spirit-dependent, gospel-centered small groups, led by trained leaders who intentionally guide participants into careful examination of their own hearts in light of the person and work of Jesus, with the goal of seeing God produce in them deep repentance and renewed, joyful worship.

Financial Coaching

Guidance in biblical financial management is available for individuals, couples, or entire families. Assistance is provided with setting up a financial plan that focuses on biblical stewardship of financial resources.

Family Counseling

Assistance is provided to an entire family. This counseling focuses on developing a biblical foundation for family relationships, including establishing roles, conflict resolution strategies, and healthy communication.

Marriage Counseling

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Counseling Staff

Matt Nestberg

Pastor of Counseling Ministries

Jim Phillips

Pastor of Marriage Ministries

Lynn Adams

Director of Crisis Counseling

Kim Tuttle

Intake Counselor

Types of Biblical Soul Care

Counseling, or “Soul Care” is not something that can always be categorized. God has made everyone in wonderfully unique (Ps. 139:14) ways and each being, created in God’s image faces different challenges. NHC desires to shepherd our people as best we can, with the Holy Spirit’s help.

There are no “levels” of counseling, but as each person presents with different care needs, NHC seeks to meet those needs in ways that are encouraging, effective and consistent with the truth of scripture.

Counselees here would need some basic discipleship. A counselor in this role would help someone understand and apply fundamental doctrines of the faith as well as provide consistent accountability and encouragement from God’s Word.
Counselees in need of some directive care are often having difficulty understanding and navigating a particular issue in their lives. A counselor in this role would seek to listen well and ask good questions in an effort to help them apply biblical truth to specific issues and topics. A person with this type of care need would also likely be tremendously helped by active participation in a life group.
Counselees presenting with a corrective soul care need require that a counselor be tasked with getting much more detail about a person’s background, and ways in which their struggles present themselves. Much more training is required to serve in this capacity. The training received would better equip a counselor to handle more complex, life-dominating issues.
Counselees in need of intensive soul care are often struggling with a clinical diagnosis of some kind and/or serious life-dominating, and sometimes life-threatening sin and addictions. Counselees may also be survivors of abuse or abusers themselves. The intensive level of care needed often requires referrals outside the church to a trusted partner working in the mental health or addiction recovery field.

Additional Community Contacts

Julie Valentine Center (Care following sexual assault)
Piedmont Women’s Center (Crisis Pregnancy & Abortion Recovery)
Shepherd’s Gate (Residential, Christ-centered recovery program for women)
Overcomers (Residential, Christ-centered recovery program for men)
Renewal (Long term transitional Christ-centered program for women)

NOTE: Contact the counseling office for referral to
additional community counseling ministries and resources.

Emergency Contact Info

If you or someone you know is in a crisis and in need of immediate care, please call 911 for help.

SC DSS Child Safety Abuse or Neglect Report – (864) 467-7750
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1 (800) 273-8255
National Domestic Violence Helpline -1 (800) 799-7233

Online Resources for Growth and Encouragement

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