What is a Family Worship Sunday?

Learn more about these special Sundays and how they are part of our commitment to help children believe, connect and share.

Every worship service at North Hills Church is a family worship service. All who are in Christ are a part of God’s family, and we anticipate the opportunity to gather each week as brothers and sisters in Christ to turn our hearts to God in unified worship. An important part of this weekly worship experience is the attendance and participation of school-age children. Worship services provide a vital venue for parents to train their children about community worship. These times provide numerous occasions for teaching and explaining that equip children to better understand the Lord and enable them to grow into worshipers themselves.

So, at North Hills, not only do we invite children to participate in our weekly worship services, we actually encourage parents to have their school-aged children in these services and to maximize every related opportunity for training the next generation of disciples.

If every Sunday is a family worship experience, why do we have Family Worship Sundays?

• We know that not every family is able to stay for two services each Sunday, so it can be hard to worship together as a family and still let your child enjoy the age-appropriate teaching in Kidstuff and Treehouse. This can lead to children never having the opportunity to worship together with their parents.

So, about 12 times a year, we give special emphasis to family worship by not holding classes that would separate parents and children.

• Family Worship Sundays during the summer months also allow the Children’s Ministry teams to do some valuable training and preparation for World View and the next school year’s program.

How are Family Worship Sundays different from other Sundays?

Services on Family Worship Sundays are planned with children in mind. From teaching, to music, to media, we look for creative ways to engage your child’s heart and mind in the normal flow of a Sunday service.

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