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Quarterly Breakfast

Men’s Breakfasts exist to engage through fellowship, edify with relevant teaching, equip with simple, biblical, transferable tools for growth and energize with a calling to ministry and community with God and others.


Men are invited to search the scriptures for encouragement and pray together every Tuesday from 7 - 8:30 a.m. upstairs in the Baker Building.


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Monthly Focus

Sexual Purity

As we go through life, various factors create an environment in which we are tempted. As we discuss how to battle sin, and particularly sexual sin, take a look at your own vulnerabilities. When are you most vulnerable to sin? to sexual sin? What can you do to help reduce the impact of these vulnerabilities? Can you strengthen these areas so that they are no longer vulnerable? Avoid the vulnerabilities completely?

Don't forget that an unguarded area of strength can quickly become your greatest weakness. What possible unguarded strengths do you have? Where have you let your guard down?

Pray for the Spirit's strength in assessing and taking action on these areas.

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