Clay Tuten


Clay Tuten is the father of three and husband to Raina (who is on staff at North Hills). As a jack-of-all-trades, you can find Clay in the workshop crafting a variety of items from wood, working in the garden, or fixing something broken. His happy place is on the lake fishing or just hanging out on the water. As the tallest member of the Elder Board (6’6″), it is important to note that he does not play basketball. Well, not anymore at least.

In the 20 combined years attending North Hills, Clay has served in many different aspects of ministry, from driving the van to pick up kids in the early days, singing and playing trombone (not at the same time) for special services, to being a Shepherding Group (as they were called) leader for several years. Clay joined the Elder Board in 2017 and can be found teaching from time to time, as well as leading a Life Group. As a marketing professional, graphic designer, and web developer in his daily job, Clay also assists with creative aspects of ministry when needed.

Clay’s specific passion for God’s kingdom is to see a generation of men walking with God and faithfully leading their homes, their community, and the church with Christ-like humility and sacrifice in order to shine the light of God’s grace in a culture that desperately needs examples of biblical masculinity.

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