Reach a lost Nation

Bring the gospel to Slovenia on a short-term missions trip. 

Here's why:

Hearing and believing in Jesus brings color and purpose to life. But for 99.9% of the 2 million people in Slovenia, they still live in black and white.

Goran Macura’s life was colorless like most Slovenians until he met Jesus a few years ago. Today, he and his wife, Metka, are missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship, and they are giving their lives to share the good news of Jesus to their fellow Slovenians.

For nearly a decade, North Hills has been sending a team of youth workers and English teachers to partner with Goran and his ministry through English camps and adult classes, with the goal of building relationships and sharing the gospel.

There’s no better miracle to see than how Jesus can bring color and purpose to a life. Do you have a passion for these kinds of miracles, teaching, and building relationships? If so, partnering with Goran in Slovenia is one of the best ways you can spend a week or two of your summer

We usually go to Slovenia at the end of June, but we’ll announce our exact dates soon. 


Bring the gospel to Slovenia
on a short-term trip.

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