Dream a Better Tomorrow

Maybe God has given you a dream to make a difference and you’re not sure how to start. We can help.

Here's why:

When we find freedom in Jesus and ask Him to use us, the Holy Spirit is free to put dreams in your heart for how you can bring good to the world today, and ultimately share God’s story.

At North Hills, we want to equip you in every way we can for you to realize your dream and execute it faithfully according to your gifts and abilities, all for the glory of God.

That’s why we created GO Grants. GO Grants are a stipend of up to $500 that give you a foundation of achieving your dream to do good and glorify God.

So, what’s your dream? Can we help? Let us know! 


Reach out to our Director of Mobilization
to share your dream and learn more about GO Grants.

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