North Hills Missions

At North Hills Church we have a specific sense of calling in missions. We prioritize three goals:

  1. Reach Unreached People Groups
  2. Train Effective Indigenous Leaders
  3. Establish Church Planting Movements

People Groups describe groups of people who share a common language and culture. Some of these groups number in the millions and some are only a few hundred. Most of these People Groups have some access to the gospel. There are churches, Christians – perhaps Christian radio or television. But for around 40% of these groups (representing a total of more than two billion people) there is no way they will ever hear the good news. In fact, for some of these People Groups there is not one single Christian or even one person who has ever even heard about Jesus. In America, less than 4% of missions spending goes to reach those who have never heard. We feel a special sense of calling to reach those who have never heard.

We also focus on providing training and other forms of partnership with “indigenous leaders.” “Indigenous” simply means they already live in other places and already know the language and culture of groups we want to reach. We have significant training partnerships in Ethiopia, Colombia, Belarus, and India. Through these leaders we are seeing hundreds of thousands of people come to Jesus and thousands of new churches established. In many places new churches are beginning at such a rapid rate that they are a “church planting movement.” A church planting movement is an indigenously-led, rapidly multiplying expansion of the gospel.

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