Life Ed: Foundations of Gospel-Centered Counseling

Join us for our next Life Ed class, Foundations of Gospel-Centered Counseling. This is a six-week introductory class to biblical, gospel-centered counseling. Gospel-centered counseling seeks to answer the questions, “What’s wrong with us?” and “What can be done to help?”

This class will introduce you to the concept of helping people with the wisdom and authority of Scripture and Spirit. Our goal is to avoid counseling people toward the two-fold failure of works-righteousness and complacent laziness. Rather, we seek to help those who are weakened and broken by sin move toward new hope in relationship with Christ. Foundations for Gospel-centered Counseling will introduce you to tools to help others along this path. This class will be taught by Jim Phillips, Matt Nestberg, and Lynn Adams. There is no need to register.

Time & Date

October 9 - November 13 // 10:30 a.m.



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