Care for a child in need.

Foster care is an incredible way to demonstrate the love of Jesus to children right in our community.

Check out the resources below to see how you can be part of this ministry.

Considering Foster Care?

We’re proud to partner with Miracle Hill in the ministry of foster care. Their website contains everything you need to get started, including a thorough article on what foster care is, helpful FAQs, licensing requirements, and an online inquiry form. 

Already fostering?

Did you know there’s a Facebook Group for foster families at North Hills Church? Through this group, we can support, encourage, and pray for foster families. You can ask questions and discuss policies/policy changes with a group of believers who are specifically involved in the fostering community.

Want to Serve Foster Families?

Fostering isn’t easy. But you can make it easier by offering your services to foster families at North Hills. If you are a barber, mechanic, photographer, love to do yard work, or have some other skill you can offer, fill out this short form. 

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