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Maybe God hasn’t called you to live overseas, but you can make a global impact without leaving Greenville.

Here's why:

North Hills currently supports 13 missionary families working on every major continent. Roughly two-thirds of our missionaries serve in closed countries where there is hostility toward the gospel. For this reason, we don’t list their names or photos online.

But just because their picture isn’t online doesn’t mean you can’t know who they are. Our missionaries are working “on the frontlines” and our church family here in the Upstate plays a vital part in our missionaries’ ministry through encouragement, intercession, and intentional care.

You may not be called to live overseas, but here are some ways you can still be a part of global Kingdom-building by caring for our missionaries. 

Here's how:

Missions Prayer Meeting:

On the third Sunday of every month we host a lunch called “Integrate” where you can hear updates from North Hills missionaries, learn more about what God is doing in the world, and pray for the spread of the gospel. This is a great opportunity to discover what’s going on in missions at North Hills and around the world. Please join us! 

Lifeline Ministry:

Our Lifeline Ministry partners our missionary families with specific members of North Hills for the purpose of mutual encouragement, prayer, and support. If you would like to know more about how you can serve our missionaries in this way, please email Barry Wingo at

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