Thank you for your desire to participate in ministry at North Hills Church!

We are so happy that you are willing to serve our church body in this way! The screening and training process for volunteers that work with minors involves seven different steps. We will focus on the first three steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Membership

Volunteers over the age of 18 are required to be members of North Hills for six months. This requirement can include your time spent in Connections. If you are under 18, the membership requirement can be replaced with a recommendation from a church leader (using the reference process within the application).

Step 2 – Application

If you meet the membership requirement from Step 1, please complete the Child/Youth Worker Application at your earliest convenience!

Complete and submit the Child/Youth Worker Application.

Step 3 – Child Safety Policy 

We ask our volunteers to read the NHC Child Safety Policy. Once read, please complete the Policy Acknowledgement page for our records.

Read, sign and submit the Child Safety Policy.

Once you have completed your application and policy, we will send you an email detailing the remaining steps in the process.  Please contact Susan Gilbert if you have any questions as you work your way through the application.  We appreciate your interest in serving at North Hills!

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