North Hills Church is called to:


God's Word


with God's Family


God's Story

Core Values

Worship Jesus Christ

We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. We worship Him with exclusive allegiance and our Sunday gatherings always include times of adoration and praise to Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

Live the Truth

We believe the Bible is God’s truth and we are committed to the faithful teaching of His Word. We study the scriptures together with a desire to see what God has really said and with a commitment to figuring out what it means to live that truth in our daily lives.

Serve Together

We believe community is a vital part of the Christian experience and we commit to care for one another and grow together through Life Groups. We embrace the hurting right where they are and empower God’s people to serve our city with joy.

Pray in Faith

We believe that prayer is the life-blood of the church and that the prayers of God’s people are marked by both dependence and expectation. We seek to saturate every aspect of ministry with humble surrender and confident intercession.

Spread the Gospel

We believe that the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. As participants in this calling, we give of our time and resources to see the good news of the gospel advance here in our local community, across our nation and around the world.

Develop Servant Leaders

We believe the advancement of Christ’s mission is directly tied to the reproduction of leaders. We invest in the holistic preparation of men and women who are committed to God’s truth and who are able, with cultural relevance, to lead with authenticity and vision.

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